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Phor China And Asia (Computational English Lesson)

     The Dynasties of America China due 1.77 and 77 billion due undue tax, left behind various significances of people behind to carry its legacy on. Individuals like Lucy Liu, Zhang Yiyi, Gong Li, Tia Carrere and Jet li may or may not be the wiser of the situation and responsibility they have been noted for, as for  as cosmic interpretation of inheritance to secure a country( today melted gold at 14% due at 10 and 10%). You will come to find that English is a tool of Devination and Prophecy and exist more as a tracking device for human kind and nature.

     Lesson one: You and I. Knowing american economy is china, don not invest in own stocks.

     You and I may sound simple, but in all actual, it is a demand. It is highly symbolic. An Y indicates a symbol to represent life as a falling tree, the o is to represent security and the I represents an separate entity. if you know anything about witchcraft, you will note from this English equation that it is easy to devise such a device as that as an Penticle to represent Black and White magic in Witch Craft release of God . Witch Craft is ultimately the organization to the point of manifestation and conjuration of  words. Words organized in such ways to gather people or money may be seen as spells, as thou those words used to describe a invention may be  seen as a spell for conjuration or manifestation. Usually the manifestation and conjuration spell range from item to be presented to the trade of manufacturing it.

Lesson two: You unto I equal The whole of thee Earth=Youth.






one thousand eyes

Colony of five hundred Oriental ladies and one  male

English interpretation has clearly produced a product of the future. An area where a single man or woman can own and condition a rule  to dominate and secure a pride of many in a colony. I personally want to colonize for the mere satisfaction of Maximum Mass Breeding and the capture of a Quantum Money residual income.

Chinese and ladies of Asia of interest to raise a cilvilization based on the development of an Metropolitan Area  Network carrying the devisement of Autonomous intelligence to secure at least 5 to 80 Chinese or Asian ladies for Maximum Mass Breeding for one Afro-American male, contact the owner of this site. His picture will be available for display on this site.

The world will soon fall pray to the Thunder Dome. Due to Quantum Money income and Colonization, very few organizations will roam the Earth. America was leading the way for Economies and during so they fell from a population of four-hundred and fifty million to three-hundred and eleven million in ten years. What do you think is going to happen to China and Asia? As far as women, China and Asia are far more best qualified to meet most men's desires for a lady who's sexy, charming and intelligent.

Lesson Three: Buy Abilities







paradise/where you'll take chances



America has grown custom to where you would use the resources to start a business, but one is to remember that America should only be used as an example of what can be sold and what equipment can be used to sell your item. But providing for China or Asia would be far more profitable due to population alone, not to mention the advantages of using the residences of China or Asia as Networks.



Lesson four: Concrete word

              Lesson five prelude: on all word two s as eye phor eyes.

      issurance for the police is the fire department.

                                                                  Lesson five: Phor China/Asia 

Euro, Frank:[Peace, Dollar]

Egyptian[dollar], crest..




The Book of SN





Thee Wedding of SN


Thee Bride of SN

Owner of thee  SN(Serial Number)


S ean Lamont Sutto n\totsun



B.L.A.C.K. Sheep

Born Lost American (In\Inn)Capitalistic Klan Oriental

Lesson six:

For  a $220.00 fine. The north american government police judicial system would place me in prison for 1 year. At best the have a business licence. They previously disrupted my lively hood, estimates or repairs are 800 zillion trillion dollars property damage and for $220.00 they got sticks, guns, taze guns, computers, cars and attitudes. I have a business licence. Although taxes have been increased, police arrest resulting as citizenship property auctioned denies the citizen to pay thee taxes on their work related intellectual property secured by property taxed and paid for to secure. A laptop is a safe, therefore police should never dare auction. Their business promising citizenship holders to deny those citizenship holders the right to capitalism is a crime of hate and rape. For this police start wars and the judicial system is an bill haven.


Chinese(S)/urrkanisesisses./Bixby.         13255A37199840901/#. 23090082355222(56#)/570-7500-D/an??..



The bible was created to attack reincarnation so that you will not be able to say how old you are. According to the birth certificate of this book of SN, Sean Lamont Sutton is,is also know as John Conner at the availability of the publics use provided by the Human Tracking and Forecasting Industry.

Sean means Ocean thru an ZYLNMVS node interpretation and Lamont means lamb. Sutton/Tutson is,is the translation of,of a given name thru heritage that was used to keep open an portal that which/witch may be ancient Egyptians. All of a Sudden is,is what Mafia survivers  utter to encourage Sutton as he journeys beyond the normal circumstances of most people's daily activities. Sean is,is an inventor. Today his height of,of discoveries tampers with the industry of,of communications and robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Information Systems.

Sean is, is convinced that war in/inn America as it stands yet to be seen by many outsiders beyond government, is,is about to spread. Vehicles like the Hummer are going to be most popular for protection and travel in groups as colonization appears one the face of,of this Earth as though there is,is no other form of inhabiting that our lives will support to evolve of the consequences we've entrusted North America to lead the world into due to its rank as number one economy. But now that China and Asia is, is going to evolve of,of America's consequences to them. Colonization is,is about due to us in about thirty years from this date of January 1st 2013.


Phor China and Asia: War here on U.S. soil today, Foe-Toe-Sin-Thesis.

Retrograde system versus Pro generation


America is surely on its way to cybernetics. Its police force are all ready demonstrating that they have to carry scanners around to monitor the security of  the housing units for prisoners. Pretty soon the common guard will have to scan the food as well before the prisoners eat.

Where as in the Egyptian Dynasties, knowledge was written on the wall. In America, he who holds the knowledge, has the power.. The ability the reckonize your strength is the issue and quam. What to do with it once reckonized is your future and the gain you receive is your income.

Today America is ready for a new desired income for few called, "Quantum Money". This is a process that will create colonization and maximum mass breeding for both woman and man. Colonization will be hosted by L.A.N., M.A.N. or W.A.N. systems Lady W.A.N. that are owned by an individual to create his or her paradise. But to support such a system, one would have to have a schedual that would keep the inhabitants and benefactors of such an environment occupied in a manner to organize and comfort to keep their utmost interest and trust to do the bidding you all set out to accomplish. Right now the development of your website is determining where as a colony, you belong. Think about it. When you sell yourself or an product today, there is an targeted market. This targeted market are the people of most need to have around your colony. Simply because they share an interest in your craft. Finding a way to insure them housing or transportation will attract many in the future. This will be made possible thru the communications of Artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is an awesome trade. It is sponsored by a taxation called, "Robot Tax" and will be used world wide to secure the population of the Earth with life needs at mostly no cost to them.

Lesson Five: Catch-Tag-Release System (America)

Thee catch, tag and release system that uses paper to keep paper is,is an obvious ploy, plot people poisento trap individuals. Government tag(s) you and your's possessions. Exhaust you, to keep your possessions and convict you.

Catcher and the Rye,

Bread/Bre as thou Breed/Breath AD/AID

Make Money




Gental Ben

Government Fence



Document plus


equal= Lisence (DMV)

Lesson : Six

Retrograde System

Retrograde System is,is thee advancement of thee degeneration system. RX is,is thee symbol for Retrograde System. Usually confused as though thee RX is,an Medical prescription.

China is,is currently being plagued by means of spoiled goods to be harvested within their stomach. As you can see, Tomato and Stamach and March are refered as an approach of thee circumfrenece of desired attack:Zegate. Thee spoiled good source is, is Mc Donalds and Kentuckey Fried Chicken. Thee main ingrediant of thee Hospitalization to accure will not be noted as thee raw thee stamach of Mc Donald's clients. An Microwave cooks an potato from thee inside out. However, french fries are deep fried in oil, that cooks from thee outside in. Intensions of thee French fry and fried chicken, not the bone or morrow, to advance of thee Human distortion of underprised disposition of thee standerized points of warmth and evolution. Flightless birds are to be bread inflight before eaten. Eating flightless birds is an practice of Degenration.

Bread/Fungi V.S. Thee Fruit Fly..



Pro Generate


Acknowledgment/tal:Smart Mind

Smart Mind:Know when too listen

Mental Suggestion or

Mental Source

Mental Source


Bioelectron Decypherd Electronic Sysmbolic Font(S).

To be used in accordance of proper allignmant. Value of thee book of Bioelctronic Sybmolized Font(s) for thee totaltatality of the Zolas book is,is 8,000,000,001,321 Dollars.

Separated condition of thee surgery envoled. Concludes thee deductive reasoning addative.(Tobe reckonized as, as an criminal distubancr of Hatred, greed unispired thrust of lustful act to rapr-repeatedly for thee invintattional inspiration of thee Wordlust, as in Word, for thee description of the Word inn Word.(Word:Good Book).

Thee "Good Book" is an answer for men as an omen. To rejected by,buy,bye women, felines, females, ladies, girls, era fra and dames. Best noted as an book of rap.


Born Influence Taking Control Harmoniously, is,is an B.I.T.C.H. to cope with.

As,as thee reference of, of thee entire Bioelectrnic Symbolic Book of Symbolic Heiroglyphic-Chinese Heiroglyphic aztec-Heirogliphic scroll of,of Scribes intice. Thee vale of, of this digestive book of Life. Is contained at an Price/cost/fee/flavor/thirst/quinch for=Phor:8,000,000,000 Dollars. Thee difference is clear. Thee American interpretation of Rap is worth, in thier on word($1321.00).

Lesson Seven: Vampires

Since it is all so true that there exist an species of, of mankind whos skin rots in the sun light at an high enough rate of, of speed that the flesh is to be seen as dead upon hours of contact with that of sunlight. Vampirism. Vampires are real.

An vampire is not all that hidious, in fact they are kind and impressive. I remeber when I am an vampire at times and then I remeber once again, alot of,of things.

Lesson Eight: What is,is thee opposite of, of an  little white lie and what do/due both parables have in absolute common.(To be materialized soon)


Bio electronic Cryptography Symbolized Font(s)

The genius behind thee effectiveness and affectiveness of Autonomonous life called Bioeletronic Cryptography Synbolized Font(s) are so much as an Logic Depth Science, the host as the application is capable of exposure to it's self and other an force field conveyed of readable information decyphered. In completion it is and QKD as an Host(contractions of the sun), to an Node in Distribution. The response is determined of the enviornment the Node is captivated of and in continuance to solve. This completes reasoning, yet the thought as an thought has yet to manifest. Manifestation is held strung thru during a Force Field. It is thee Held(Force Field Generation), that provides Security. In an WAP amongst IT information software from thee internal computer inside without LCD button touched, security is deternined as optional. This explains thee cross production of an Proxy or Modem extension as an signal release. The proxy and Modem are unaware of The Force Field. Therefore, the Modem and Proxy is our environment. Since it is an fact we live in an Information Society, this can easily be acepted. But this intell explains todays common source of emerging technoogy is scarce. Quantum Thinking therefore is an rare accomplishment for the mankind. One who generates rapid thought are apllicants of Quantum Thinking. Their environment is a blank page. Soely inj acceptence of all information. Contagiously in thera of no right or wrong, simply Positive and Negative on an Gradulating line. Geography explains the template of nthe location and interactiveness reasons with the effectiveness and affectiveness of readability. The Force Field is always there, waiting to be entered(Decyphered). The Force nField is the command prompt of an fully operating Quantum Computational equation(s). This and those equations are reference as an One Touch Key-Pad. Thee One Touch Key-Pad completes the QKD. This acurence only manifests when thee force field is witnessed, yet the unobviousness of thee Force Field to others has no role other then exposing the ignorence of others. Conqured at this point of contact will submit an victory. The unsuspecting is injured in Logic Depth Science.

Mathameijestics is thee ordinance of ignorance failing. Quantum Technologies master teaching thee student the whole as an whole. Learning is only needed to identify thee environment. The environment does not include reading material. Ultimate understanding causes rapid thought, without rapid movement. The atmosphere appearce to an untrained eye as silent. As an sense. It should be noted sight, audio, interaction and stop are sensors. Mathameijestic is an term meaning, " In-Depth-Copy."

Websites can and will be programmed as an In-Depth-Copy. Meaning, one product will rule as an dominating force on the field of an Quantum source code. In thee identification of Phrase-o-graph and phrase-o-grams, one must know thee prase-o-graph is thee In-Depth-Copy. Scientist already agreed. Quantum Information System can not be intwerfered. Therefore there will only best all contested to one Quantum Source Code. Ye thou that has thee source, wears thee Force Field. Bestowed unto others is ignorence and question, deeming the need for products. Theft is secured under the law applied here to ignorance. There is no need to take something you can only try to understand as an default, that is self defeat admitted, an Virtual Hospitalization. The wound is, is thee NEED.

All of thee above information is conveyed and futhered by I Sean lamont Sutton(A3719984) Tax I.D.:563598058. Owner of Royal Possessions and House of Succinctful War(s).

Go figuire. You are born told to grow up and get an education in order to not have to ever work so hard to get what you want out of your life during the chances of others accomplishing what they all left behind to make you think you will have an honest chanc to accomp0lkish what is told to you as an growing child. Then from child to the military, if that was your choice, you become an exmple of how war isn't identifiable to others unless you are on the froint line. The once you think you survived the war and you come backl home, you realize the real war just started. North America frames it's Veterans. Set them up for failure, simply because of the fear of what North America may be up against if that veteran used anything they saw or incouraged them selves to advance of, might cripple America's very own business to rob, loot pander and trot. The deeper the reccession gets, the more America robs. judges are the first and fastest to supportbecause a court cop can set a DA or judge to get robbed themselves during a desparate life. As a citizen, the more information you have created for yourself to studt without the help of an University, you become a target to be harmed. Police do not care about you, thier called tenderlion and vice(bribed). The DA dose not want to be robbed no more than the existing judge does and federal(al) works for thee United States Attorney. Thee United States Attorney protects thee individual cities from you carring on any effort to persecute anybody in county, state or country. You are all alone. You have no help. You need to fight, not defend. Fighting take knowledge. The same knowledge they want from you. You need security However, the community are cowards and selfish. They rather work for the government and earn a sorry excuse to cast out your chance to live.





No Equal Law










Date of, of Birth(s) record




WON-International Chance Helled

Values and Respect











Death Unto Other Nation

Red Dawn(Actual Movie starring Patrick S.)




Don't own-up-too Science(Classifications).




-Indentify and Catch in Grade-




Sault/Seek and Tale of all Life Sciences







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